Avagoodweekend domestic irrigation for acreages

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We care for your garden and our planet!

Whether you are looking for a new domestic irrigation system, or to update or overhaul your existing one, Avagoodweekend has a solution for you.

We update and install new domestic irrigation systems on acreages and commercial properties, keeping grass and gardens at their best standard, while ensuring efficient and responsible water use. Our services include connecting pipes to pumps, fitting and replacing irrigation parts, and testing installations to make sure they work flawlessly.

Installation – We can design and install a customized domestic irrigation system that matches the needs of your gardens, grounds and lawns, while also meeting water use requirements.

Maintenance – We can rejuvenate existing systems through a one-off evaluation and update, or create a regular maintenance schedule for larger and more complicated systems.

We care for acreages in:

We support commercial properties in:

If you are not based in these suburbs, but are still interested in Avagoodweekend’s services, please contact us. We are constantly expanding our operations.


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