AVAGOODWEEKEND Acreage & Property Maintenance

Servicing south-west Brisbane’s acreages and commercial properties since 2008

Avagoodweekend Acreage & Property Maintenance has a long record of caring for the landmark private and commercial green spaces that distinguish Brisbane’s landscape.

We will work at your convenience to ensure your gardens and grounds are kept in pristine condition.

Our contracts may include:

  • Lawn maintenance, mowing and trimming
  • Garden edging and detail work
  • Choosing, laying and maintaining turf and ground coverage
  • Installing domestic irrigation systems
  • Small and large-scale landscaping and green space design

Our service is defined by attention to detail, expertise in creating signature green spaces, and our team’s flexibility and dedication. The gardens and green spaces we have perfected over the years speak for us.

We specialize in getting best results from Brisbane’s soil, water and climate, and creating unique solutions to match your plans and location.


We care for acreages in:

We support commercial properties in:

If you are not based in these suburbs, but are still interested in Avagoodweekend’s services, please contact us. We are constantly expanding our operations.


We thrive on a challenge! Please let us know your plans and requirements, and we will create a bespoke solution that meets your needs.