Aged care homes & retirement villages

Avagoodweekend Aged care homes & retirement villages

Signature care for aged care homes and retirement villages

At Avagoodweekend we appreciate that seniors deserve beautiful, well-maintained natural surroundings, and we take pleasure in helping make people’s golden years enjoyable.

We service aged care facilities in Brisbane, ranging from single buildings and their surroundings, to large retirement villages with common lawns and individual gardens. We use our in-depth knowledge of local weather and soil types to ensure the best possible results.

Some of Brisbane’s largest aged care groups trust us to maintain their properties, while meeting residents’ needs for a tranquil environment. Our regular maintenance visits are carried out swiftly and at optimum times of day, minimising disturbance and disruption.

Our service is consistent and reliable. We promise the same high -quality results from every visit.

We have the skills, crew and equipment to:

- Mow and care for lawns and grassy spaces
- Maintain hedges and green barriers
- Provide other gardening services

Whatever your needs and requirements, we are ready to assist!

Retirement village gardening
Aged care gardening

We care for acreages and commercial green spaces all across Brisbane.

Some of our services include:

  • Lawn maintenance, mowing and trimming
  • Garden edging and detail work
  • Choosing, laying and maintaining turf and ground coverage
  • Installing domestic irrigation systems
  • Small and large-scale landscaping and green space design
  • Garden preparation and rejuvenation for property sale
  • Commercial property maintenance for aged care and retirement villages

If you are based in the greater Brisbane area, and are interested in Avagoodweekend’s services, please contact us. We are constantly expanding our operations.

Contact us today to find out how we can maintain your green spaces or bring them up to the next level!