Sandstone Hedge Wall with Murraya Hedge

Gardening and Landscaping

Avagoodweekend provided a landscape solution to bring a bit of bling to this rural property. We added this sandstone hedge wall and planted the garden in the Murraya Hedge for the entrance of the property.


The gardens and the pots are under full irrigation, operated with the Rainbird irrigation controller. The client never has to worry about the watering needs of the plants.

This all adds value to the property with quality workmanship.

The Sandstone Hedge Wall provide a dynamic entrance to the home This rural property gained in value after we installed the Sandstone Hedge Wall The beautiful Murraya Hedge and Sandstone wall provides privacy for the future. The irrigation system means less work for your team. If you are looking for a rustic rural feel for your property, you can't go past the Sandstone Murraya Hedge Wall. Our irrigation systems for the gardens and lawns will ensure you get to enjoy your garden more. Our irrigation systems will give you a garden to be proud of. Avagoodweekend is very proud of the work done at this rural property.

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