Great Job with the Turf

The difference between a good turf laying job and a bad turf laying job is the preparation, and as you will see in the photos below our preparation was absolutely on point. We were about transform this beautiful house into a warm and comfortable home where children can play outside and the family can enjoy a lovely garden.

Turf Preparation

We removed all the weeds, rocks and rubbish that can sometimes be found on a new building block. Whilst builders do a great job in cleaning up after themselves, we double check to make sure there are no hidden nasties for you to discover down the track.

Soil Preparation

Your new lawn can suffer from poor soil drainage, compaction, pH or fertility issues without proper preparation. We added in new soil to ensure there was sufficient base for the turf. A sand-soil base is always preferred. Ideally you will have a pH of between 5.5 and 7. Your pH can be adjusted before your turf is laid and we will do that usually to make sure your turf has the best chance of success.

Preparing for Turf
Turf needs to have a good grade to allow for drainage.
The turf has a greater chance of survival  if the pH is fixed beforehand

Laying the turf

Allowing for the turf thickness is very important when laying turf. So we will generally allow for 30-40mm below the edge and smooth out the soil allowing for drainage as we go. As you can see with this garden there was a reasonable slope which will allow surface water to drain away easily.

Our team at work laying finishing the turf
Look at that edging.  No tripping over the cement.  Turf laid perfectly
This turf was rolled and watered immediately

Turf Variety Chosen

For this installation, the client chose Sir Walter Buffalo which has a high level of drought resistance and handles the shade nicely. As you can see in the photos below it has a nice broad leaf and will handle the wear and tear of your pets and children with ease. It is a little more expensive but once you have walked on a buffalo grass you realise the quality. One attribute of Sir Walter is it very low maintenance requirements.

The turf chosen was Sir Walter Buuffalo
This turf has turned this house into a home.
It is so important to get the water to the turf as soon as possible.