Since 2008, Avagoodweekend has been proud to design and care for some of south-west Brisbane’s most iconic lawns, gardens and green spaces.

We use knowledge of our region’s water availabilities and soil types to create and maintain the signature green spaces that define greater Brisbane.

Our secrets to success:

  • Creating vibrant and healthy green spaces by planting appropriate species, maintained with water-conserving domestic irrigation systems.
  • Employing a dedicated and talented team that pays attention to detail and loves their work.
  • The comprehensive range of equipment we utilize to finish jobs on budget, on time, and to high standards.
Ava Good Weekend

We care for acreages in:

We support commercial properties in:

If you are not based in these suburbs, but are still interested in Avagoodweekend’s services, please contact us. We are constantly expanding our operations.


Please contact us today to learn how we can provide personalized support to your acreage or commercial property.